Hall of Fame

Bill Jameson

2022 LMAC Hall of Fame Inductee

Bill Jameson was born in Winnipeg in 1947, after high school he attended Lakeland Community College in Vermillion, AB.  In 1967 Bill Jameson started his career in the livestock barns for Canada Packers in Lethbridge. Over the years we worked his way up the ladder to a position in the procurement department at CP.  He transferred to Saskatchewan in 1970. In 1979 he left Canada Packers to pursue is own business venture as an order buyer. One year later we partnered with friend and former packer buyer Robin Gilroy, JGL was started and rest of the story is worth repeating.

Bill Jameson is nothing short of a legend in the cattle business, not only in Saskatchewan but also across Canada and the United States.  Bill Jameson is one of the most recognisable names is the cattle industry.

Since 1979, JGL Livestock has grown to become one of the premiere cattle trading firms in North America.  JGL is now known as the JGL Group - an enterprise that provides a multitude of services to Agriculture producers. In its first year of business it employed 4 people and today as the JGL Group of Companies it employs over 100 people in Moose Jaw and region with an office in Manitoba and employees operating in Alberta. The JGL Group of Companies includes JGL Livestock, JGL Commodities, Canadian Cattle Buyers Credit and Hawk's Agro.

Bill Jameson served on the LMAC Board of directors for 8 years and was president in 1985 and 1986. He was the President of the Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan in 1990 and 1991, served on the LMS board for 15 years and has been a member He for over 30 years.  He also has be been president of the National Cattle Feeders Association, Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders and Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association.  He has served on countless boards and committees.

Has encouraged his employees to be actively involved with LMS and LMAC.  He has been very supportive of both these organizations and has volunteered countless hours on committees and in meetings representing both organizations.

Bill Jameson’s company actively purchases cattle auction markets on a regular basis in all four western provinces. The majority of these auctions are LMAC members.

Bill Jameson’s contributions during the anti-dumping and countervailing duties taken against Canada in 1999, and his active participation during the BSE crisis after 2003 brought valuable advice to industry leaders and government that brought much needed assistance to cattle producers throughout Canada.

In 1999 Bill was an instrumental part of a team in Western Canada that defended the livestock industry against an unfair anti-dumping countervailing lawsuit. They were successful in defending the lawsuit launched by the US government against Canadian Beef Producers, saving the livestock industry billions of dollars.

Bill has a passion for agriculture, spending countless hours of personal time away from his own operation, working alongside his peers to improve the agriculture industry and go to combat for the Canadian Beef Trade.

Bill has been mentor to many cattlemen over the years, he has always made time for those that asked for his advice or needed to tap into his 50 years of experience.  He has encouraged his son’s to join the cattle industry and both Jeff and Shea are very gifted entrepreneurs.

Rob Bergevin, Past President of Livestock Markets Association of Canada had this to say about Jameson.

"Bill Jameson donated his time, knowledge and resources to a number of both provincial and national livestock organizations over the years.  His involvement and influence has had a positive effect on the development of the livestock industry, not only in Saskatchewan, but also on a national level.  Bill Jameson has played a large part in shaping the cattle industry that we all work in today.  He has spent countless hours in meetings with both industry and government defending the cattle industry and advising on regulatory issues."

Bill Jameson, 2022 Hall of Fame Inductee, JGL Livestock, Moosejaw, SK

Bill Jameson, 2022 Hall of Fame Inductee, JGL Livestock, Moosejaw, SK