Travel & Expense Policy


This document ensures that LMAC related travel is consistent with the business objectives of the Livestock Marketing Association of Canada. It also ensures fair and equitable treatment of the directors and staff by defining procedures for authorized business travel and guidelines for expense reimbursement.


The members of the Board of Directors for LMAC are at times required to attend meetings and functions on behalf of the LMAC. Out of pocket expenses related to attending these events are reimbursed to those directors or staff who attend approved events as representatives of LMAC. Reimbursement is made only for actual, reasonable business expenses occurred in connection with the meeting or function. LMAC related travel should be via the lowest cost practical alternative, consistent with good business practices. Every effort should be made to book airline tickets as early as possible in order to take advantage of better fares. Travellers are encouraged to book the lowest direct trip fare possible. Receipts are required for all expenses over ten dollars ($10), and travellers are required to submit expense reports in a timely fashion (within thirty (30) days), as outlined in the expense section of this policy.

Air Travel

Air travel will be via the most direct and economical means, accommodating where possible, the comfort, needs, and preferences of the traveller. Use of “non-refundable” airfares is recommended. These fares are usually considerably less expensive than refundable unrestricted fares. In most cases, if the travel must change or the trip is cancelled altogether, the cost of the fare can be used as a credit toward future travel, less a service charge imposed by the airline.

Auto Rental

When a rental car is necessary, travellers are encouraged to book directly with the rental agency or booking agency as early as possible to negotiate the lowest possible rental cost. Travellers are required to book additional insurance for collision and loss of use while renting, from the rental company or any other reliable vendor. Any insurance shortfalls will be the responsibility of the renter and will not be covered by LMAC. Travellers have the option to request either compact or intermediate sized cars. Luxury, premium, and specialty car rentals will be reimbursed only at the intermediate car rate. Wherever possible, the traveller must refill gasoline prior to rental car drop off. Gas charges at the rental locations average 50% more than independent filling stations.

Personal Auto Reimbursement

When a traveller uses his/her personal automobile on approved association business, LMAC will pay a rate of $0.45 per kilometer. Mileage will be paid from home residence to the airport and return, or from the traveller’s place of business to the airport and return, whichever is less. LMAC will also reimburse all actual auto tolls and parking fees, with a receipt. Travellers choosing to use personal modes of travel between cities serviced by regularly scheduled airlines will be reimbursed based on least expensive direct airfare or actual expenses, whichever is less. In order to receive reimbursement for mileage, the traveller must complete an LMAC expense report and submit it within thirty (30) days.


When travelling on LMAC business or attending an LMAC function, travellers are encouraged to stay at the hotel where the event is taking place. If the traveller chooses other accommodations, reimbursement will only be made up to the amount of accommodation fees at the meeting or function venue. Delegates who stay at a private residence may claim fifty dollars ($50) per night for accommodations, but are entitled to no transportation costs to and from the meeting/function venue. Costs of transportation to and from the meeting venue will be the responsibility of the traveller unless otherwise approved. LMAC will pay for lodging for the night prior to the meeting and any other nights on which there are approved functions scheduled. Any additional costs for upgrades, additional persons, telephone charges, mini-bar, room service, movies, damage, or smoking penalties are the responsibility of the traveller. It is the traveller’s responsibility to cancel hotel reservations within the hotel’s cancellation policy time frame. This can be done by contacting the hotel directly. You must obtain a cancellation number when cancelling a hotel reservation. LMAC will obtain reimbursement from travellers for “no-show” fees, unless approved by the LMAC President or Executive Administrator, and only for unavoidable extenuating circumstances. For LMAC Board meetings, the LMAC Executive Administrator will book rooms at the meeting venue for all of the Directors.


Reasonable and necessary costs for meals will be reimbursed. The traveller will be paid for meals while en route to and from meetings, and while attending the meetings. Reimbursement may include a gratuity up to fifteen percent (15%) of the bill, before sales tax. Receipts are required for any meal in excess of ten dollars ($10). Meals are covered for LMAC delegates and do not include travelling companions. Reimbursement for alcohol and entertainment is at the discretion of the President or Executive Administrator of LMAC. The following guideline should be considered for meals:

  • Breakfast $15.00
  • Lunch $17.50
  • Dinner $40.00
  • Incidentals $10.00

Expense Reporting

Actual and reasonable expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the provisions of this policy and procedure. Travellers should submit expense reports within thirty (30) days of incurring the expenses. Failure to submit expense reports with the thirty (30) days, could disqualify the traveller from receiving reimbursement for expenses incurred. LMAC expense forms must be complete and receipts supplied by the traveller. In the event that a receipt is lost, a Statutory Declaration may be submitted. The declaration must specify the reason that receipts are not available. Approved expenses will be reimbursed within thirty (30) days of approval. In the event that any expenses are questionable, the President of LMAC has the final approval authority.