Auctioneer Champions

Bradley Martens  – 2022 Canadian Livestock Auctioneering Champion

The 2022 LMAC Champion is Bradley Martens from Gibbons, Alberta. Martens topped 37 auctioneers in Lloydminster to claim the crown. Martens, a second generation auctioneer from the Edmonton area, sells weekly at the VJV market in Westlock and also sells equipment for Ritchie Bros.

Brad Martens was born to an auctioneer!  He is a second-generation auctioneer following in his father’s footsteps.  His father Barry owned and operated a farm sale business and worked at the Edmonton Stockyards as a livestock auctioneer. Brad spent many hours at the Edmonton Stockyards growing up and when he was old enough he got a job there. There was no doubt what Brad Martens’ ambition was growing up.  At the age of 19 he graduated from the Camrose College of Auctioneering. Work opportunities in the cattle industry found him working at different locations including NBI in Clyde, and for Allen Lively in the High River area and at the Olds Auction Mart.

In 2004 an opportunity opened the door and what came next would change Brad Martens life.  In 2004 Brad when to work for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. Once Brad had Ritchie Bros. trust they had him auction sales all over the world.  His job with Ritchie Bros. took him to sell sales in Europe and the Middle East. India, Africa, China, Japan Australia, Central America and all over Canada and the Untied States.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world it changed the auction business forever.  Travel came to a stand still and Brad found himself back in Alberta.  Brad was not one to sit around and with newfound time on his hands he went back to his roots, selling cattle. He was still selling for Ritchie Bros covering sales in Canada and the United States. More time at home opened another opportunity to work for the VJV Marketing Group in Westlock Alberta.  The VJV group owns a number of livestock auction markets in Alberta and one in B.C.  VJV was his sponsor at the 2022 Canadian Championships.

Winning the 2022 Canadian Livestock Auctioneering Championships was not Brad’s first time to the winners circle.  He has won the Johnny Paiz Auctioneering Excellence Award, Ritchie Bros. highest award.  He has won the Tyro Competition and the International Rookie Award. He has been awarded the First Runner up award at the Alberta All Around Auctioneering Championship.  He is always a sure bet to place in the top ten at the International Competition at the Calgary Stampede.

Brad Martens was a contender every time he entered the LMAC Championships.  His deep commanding voice on the mic, his smooth chant and calm demeanor on the auction stand are the qualities required to be a champion.

From the kid that hung around the old Edmonton stockyards to becoming a Canadian Champion, Brad Martens as accomplished a great deal in his short auctioneering career.  More than anything else he loves the auction business and being an auctioneer.  That, along with the support of his family; his wife Donna, their daughter Alexa and his father Barry, Brad Martens has honed is craft as auctioneer to become a world-class auctioneer and the 2022 Canadian Champion.

2022 LMAC Champion - Bradley Martens

2022 LMAC Champion – Bradley Martens, Gibbons, Alberta