LMAC COVID-19 Emergency Response Recommendations

Mar 19, 2020



The Livestock Markets Association has developed the following Covid-19 Emergency Response Guideline for auction markets, buying stations and assembly yards.

 Please note that this is for Covid-19 only.  The LMAC reminds members to be familiar with Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws regarding Covid-19 and adhere to those laws, which take precedence over the following recommendations.

 LMAC recognizes that there are regional differences across Canada. The following are recommendations only; it is up to each individual market or livestock business to decide if they adopt all or any of the LMAC recommendations.  LMAC strongly recommends that livestock auctions, buying stations and assembly yards follow the COVID-19 guidelines set forth by Health Canada.

 The following are recommendations by the Livestock Markets Association of Canada with regards to COVID-19.

LMAC encourages members to consider:

Restricting public entrance to the market sale ring and limiting attendance to a maximum of 50 persons.  In some areas, access to the ring area be restricted to staff, buyers and livestock inspection staff only.

All employees should attend a safety meeting at the market or business. Information (sample is provided at the end of this document) on COVID-19 should be distributed to the employees. Information on symptoms, prevention, reporting and self-isolation procedures should be included.  The company response policy to COVID-19 should be reviewed at the meeting.   Employees at this meeting would be asked to sign a declaration that would include the following questions and affirm that they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. They would, by signing the declaration, agree to notify their employer if there is a change in their health status as per the four questions stated below.

  • Are you exhibiting any symptoms of the illness?
  • Have you come into close personal contact with anyone who is exhibiting any of the symptoms?
  • Have you travelled to an affected area?
  • Have you been in close personal contact with anyone who has travelled to an affected area?

LMAC encourages member markets to adopt, if possible, the following COVID-19 protocols at their place of business.

Markets, buying stations, and assembly yards are encouraged to provide hand sanitizer in common areas for the public and employees.  In the event that sanitizer is unavailable in that area, advise employees and patrons to bring their own to the market.

Extra effort is made to keep washrooms clean with soap and sanitizer available at all times.

Extra effort is made to sanitize workstations including special attention to telephones, computer keyboards, calculators, desks, photocopiers, counters and common areas, shared by more than one person on a regular basis.

Employees are urged not to share personal items such as cell phones, cigarettes, coffee cups, utensils, clothing, food items etc. Common eating areas should be cleaned and sanitized before and after every use.

Encourage employees using company vehicles to sanitize steering wheels and controls areas in the vehicles before and after each use.  Encourage employees to refrain from having non-essential personnel, employees or customers in the cab of the vehicle.

All employees sanitizing areas and emptying garbage cans should be required to wear rubber gloves, provided by the company.  These gloves should be discarded after each use.

Eliminate self-serve areas and buffets at cafeterias and market restaurants.  Encourage food service providers to provide take out service only during the COVID-19 crisis.

To encourage employees to respect the 2-meter social distancing recommendations when dealing with service providers and truckers delivering or loading cattle.  Also discourage truckers and patrons from lingering in the receiving office.

Where possible, encourage producers to view the sale online rather than in person at the market.

Wherever possible, encourage office staff to work remotely from home.  Reduce the office hours on non-sale days.   Restrict access to the office to essential personal only.

Consider mailing producer returns rather than have them picked up.

Reduce hours of operation on non-sale days.

Consider reducing the non-essential services provided by the business during the COVID-19 outbreak. Consider restricting travel for business or leisure.

Please note that these are only recommendations from LMAC.  Member markets and members are encouraged to develop their own COVID-19 Response Policies for their own business.