Livestock Traceability Initiative

Jan 19, 2011

Ottawa, Ontario, January 19th 2011 – The Government of Canada is investing in a national traceability system for livestock which will provide more market opportunities and strengthen the industry for the long term. The Livestock Auction Traceability Initiative (LATI) is a key component of the system and today, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced that applications are now being accepted for projects beginning April 1, 2011.

“Consumers want to know where food comes from, and countries which can supply that information will win the business,” said Minister Ritz. “LATI will provide valuable support to the industry in meeting traceability requirements which will, in turn, boost farmers’ profitability.”

The Livestock Auction Traceability Initiative is a three-year up to $20 million initiative funded under the Agricultural Flexibility Fund as part of the Economic Action Plan. It will allow Canadian auction marts, assembly yards, feedlots, backgrounders, fairs and exhibitions, privately-managed community pastures and other high-risk, high-volume, co-mingling sites to upgrade their facilities and purchase traceability equipment to help in the identification and tracing of individual animals.

Consumers and a growing number of markets are looking for enhanced traceability. This initiative will work to strengthen traceability at high-risk, high-volume sites where animals from different herds co-mingle and to protect the security of the Canadian food supply. This quick and effective tracking will also help the industry avoid potential animal and food safety risks and mitigate the spread if an outbreak occurs. This will, in turn, help maintain a healthy and profitable industry for the future.

The initiative builds upon federal-provincial-territorial Growing Forward investments and will complement existing provincial and territorial programs the contribute to traceability enhancements.