LMAC News Release – Jan 2011

Jan 20, 2011

Kitchener, Ontario, January 20, 2011 – Livestock Markets Association of Canada has been on the forefront in the Livestock Traceability Initiative, working with Industry partners and the Government of Canada for many years to advance this important plan.

“We have, and continue to be actively involved in several National committees and organizations including CCIA and IGAC” said President Jim Abel “while we are making progress on this initiative, to date no clear consensus has emerged and Government has not outlined any traceability requirements for the Auction Market sector.”

It is difficult to understand a resource plan for Auction Markets with a cap of $100,000 when we have not been given the traceability plan that outlines the requirements and standards that our members will be expected to meet.

President Abel further stated “we are very disappointed that our reasonable request made to Minister Ritz has not been met, this will likely mean that some of the costs for this plan will have to be paid by the producer.”

LMAC will continue to work with Government and our many industry partners and organizations to advance this initiative.